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It can be hard to know where to begin when you want to give back, especially amidst the challenges we are facing this year. At UCLA Health, our Personal Fundraising platform gives you the tools to create a crowdfunding campaign and support a cause that speaks to you.

Yury Elkind is a registered nurse and front-line healthcare worker at UCLA. Shortly after he started working in the COVID-19 Medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Yury saw a meaningful way he could help improve the patient care experience. Together with his colleagues, Yury launched a personal fundraising campaign to support UCLA Health in purchasing 86 PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators), which provide caregivers with a constant flow of filtered air and simultaneous protection for the eyes, nose, and mouth. A PAPR is often preferred over the N95 mask and goggles combination, as it does not fog up and is much less likely to lose its protective seal. 

“The PAPR is a solution that allows me to breathe easier, it allows me to stay in the room longer, and it will allow me to take better care of my patients,” Yury said. “The other nursing stuff I do – the hand holding, the listening, the talking, the caring, the supporting – that is what was missing in the goggle and mask scenario.” Yury’s compassionate dedication led him to successfully raise over $200,000, ensuring that he and all of his colleagues in the ICU would have access to this game-changing equipment.

Yury’s story shows the incredible impact one person can have when they inspire others to come together. Want to share your own story and give back to UCLA Health? Visit uclahealth.org/giving/P2P or click the button above to learn more and get started.

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